5 foods to have a flat stomach

5 foods to have a flat stomach

If your stomach tends to swell with the slightest food ingest, you have bloating and you have a little weight to lose, some foods (in addition to a balanced diet) can help you get your dish that you want to get.

1 – The pear

It is a low-calorie food (50 calories per 100 grams) that contains a lot of sorbitol, a compound that promotes faster and more efficient digestion. In addition, pear is a food rich in water, which makes it also tend to bring you a feeling of satiety more sustainable, acting as a hunger cut.

2 – The ginger

It is a very strong root in taste that you can use instead of salt. The advantage is that, unlike salt, it does not promote water retention at all (one of the responsible for swelling of the belly), in addition to bringing you a different taste, pleasant and very exotic. In addition, it is only very low caloric (60 calories per 100 grams).

3 – Asparagus

Asparagus is a very low calorie food (25 calories per 100 grams) is composed of 92% water. In addition to promoting a feeling of satiety faster, asparagus is full of fiber and promotes transit and also gives a boost to the kidneys, thanks to its diuretic action.

4 – The artichoke

Artichoke is one of the most diuretic foods because swollen in potassium and a carbohydrate made of fructose. If it is consumed regularly, it will allow you to easily eliminate. However, it should not be abused because it can also cause bloating (exactly what you do not want). Like the other foods mentioned above, it is only very low in calories (40 calories per 100 grams).

5 – The papaya

It is a poorly known exotic fruit, but which is nevertheless very rich in fiber and helps the transit to be done more easily. Plus, this fruit is a concentrate of carotenes that are very good for good looking. It is also not caloric (33 calories per 100 grams). However, it is unfortunately a little expensive, compared to others.

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