5 tips to avoid nibbling

5 tips to avoid nibbling

1 – Do not forget the breakfast

Many people skip breakfast in the morning, to gain a little more time in the shower or in the bed. However, be aware that this behavior can cause you a certain munchies in the morning, which will make you want to eat anything before noon. To avoid nibbling, you must eat sandwiches, fruit, and drink coffee, milk or fruit juice.

2 – Drinking water

Remember to drink regularly helps you avoid nibbling. Indeed, the water will fill your stomach and give you a feeling of full belly. This feeling will only be temporary but can help you to wait until dinner.

3 – Drink green tea

Green tea has the same effect as water, but more pronounced. Indeed the green tea has appetite suppressant effect in addition to ease greatly your transit. It will not allow you to crack anything and avoid constipation and bloating.

4 – Chewing Chewing Gum

Preferably without sugar. The action of eating acts on the brain. The latter interprets chewing as food consumption and can calm your hunger in case of cravings.

5 – Brushing your teeth

This may seem surprising, but brushing your teeth can actually cut your desire to eat. Indeed, if you choose a toothpaste strong chlorophyll, the strong taste of the latter can cut your appetite almost instantly after brushing your teeth.

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