Best Way to Use Pramiracetam – Understanding More About This Drug

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Pramiracetam is the synthetic racetam derivative used for the cognitive enhancement, and with the preliminary evidence for supporting the usage in helping long term memory development. Even though mechanisms aren’t known at all, this can enhance the acetylcholine synthesis.

What’s Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam supplement is the fat soluble Racetam family member, which was developed initially in Belgium in 1970’s. It’s derived from an original Racetam, and has the higher potency (it is over 30 times stronger than Piracetam). Pramiracetam has actually become one popular Nootropic supplement as well as is used in different countries across the world. In a few cases it is also prescribed for the medical use, though it is commonly used with an expectation of improving cognition and memory.

How Does It Work?

Pramiracetam generally works in the fashion that is quite similar to other list of cognitive enhancers. It is quite effective in enhancing the brain metabolism just by stimulating the oxidative catabolism and improving the energy levels by enhancing ATP turnover & cAMP levels within your brain. Some interesting action modes include higher phospholipid metabolism & protein biosynthesis. The supplement works by influencing and modulating many different receptor sites in your brain. It includes glutamate (or Cholinergic) and Acetylcholine receptor sites. Even though the mechanisms of actions aren’t completely understood, it’s thought that this supplement helps in improving the efficiency and reuptake of such channels.

Pramiracetam Benefits:

Despite several Nootropics have beneficial effects on the symptoms of mood or anxiety, Pramiracetam seems to relate only to the cognitive functions. It is because the supplement doesn’t modulate and effect chemicals levels like serotonin, dopamine, or GABA in your brain. Obviously, major benefit is improved cognition and many users also report of having the higher sensory perceptions levels when taking Pramiracetam dosage. There’s the benefit of the improved working and the long term memory, increased capability to learn as well as advanced technical and logical thinking ability. This is combined with the improved ability to concentrate and focus makes it an amazing cognitive supplement.

The researchers also feel that majority of the benefits of this supplement will be explained by specific effects that supplement have on Acetylcholine receptors. This seems like it is a smart drug, with not many unrelated effects. Some users have also described it as the unlocking areas of mental performance and thinking abilities, which were not realized.

Pramiracetam Safety and Side Effects:

Despite the supplement being potent than ‘milder’ Nootropics it’s normally regarded as very safe. There are limited side effects of Pramiracetam reported and there are no serious overdoses recorded. The supplement manufacturers also have investigated some safety issues and regard it as very safe. When some known effects are reported, they’re generally only seen in the users who take above the suggested dosage. These will include headaches (common with Racetam Nootropics), nervousness, insomnia, fatigue, or GI discomfort. At many cases, just reduce the dosage can stop it from reoccurring.

Recommended Dosage:

Recommended dosage of Pramiracetam is 200 to 400 mg daily. This also can be taken at once, and split in divided administrations in a day.

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