Don’t let dengue get to you

Don’t let dengue get to you

Dengue fever symptoms can be controlled with simple measures. Read on to know more.

It has become a matter of grave concern for the global community. Dengue has risen in incidence across several nations, rearing its ugly head annually to not just strike more people every year, but also to cause an increase in the number of dengue-related mortalities. Who would have thought that the mosquito-borne infection would one day become one of the world’s top silent killing illnesses?

There is no cure for dengue till date, though the illness can be controlled with retroviral drugs, keeping the system hydrated, eating light food that is easy to digest, and resting as much as possible.

How to track it: Knowing dengue fever symptoms

Dengue is caused by the bite of an infected Aedes Anopheles mosquito. A single bite can transfer the virus responsible for the illness into your bloodstream. Once incubated in the liver, the virus cells proliferate all over the body quite rapidly.The dengue fever symptoms begin to manifest themselves at this time: you will experience high fever, severe body pain, recurring headache, nausea, difficulty in swallowing, and in some cases, flashing spots in front of the eyes.

However, you might confuse these dengue fever symptoms with those of malaria or chikungunya. Consult your doctor and have them run a blood test to make sure. Delayed treatment can help the illness spread even more rapidly. In some cases, the illness can become fatal.

Dengue: Dealing with it

Prevention is the only cure in case of dengue. If you or a loved one has got dengue, you will have to stay at home to recuperate for at least a week. Do follow the doctor’s course of treatment, and drink lots of water throughout the day. Water can also be ingested in the form of clear soup, green tea and ginger-turmeric tea (this last clears up toxins from the system and builds immunity).

If a single person has been struck down with dengue, it means that the potential for more cases exists. You must take the following precautions to create a dengue-free zone in your house:

  • Mosquitoes causing dengue breed in still, fresh water. Remove all sources of standing water, from flower pots, plates under plant pots, buckets storing drinking water, puddles near your home, etc.
  • You will notice higher mosquito activity on warm, humid days. Keep the windows and doors closed, and spray each room liberally with a good mosquito killer spray. Open the windows after 10 minutes, by which time most mosquitoes would have been killed. The spray also creates a barrier against other mosquitoes.
  • Enclose your baby’s or young children’s bed with a mosquito net, and switch on an electric mosquito repellent vaporiser in the room when they sleep.
  • A mosquito card that steadily burns and gives off mosquito repelling smoke is also a great idea. Place it near you when you are in the open air, or under your dining table, etc.

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