How Can Capsular Contracture Surgeon Help Women Who Undergo Mammaplasty Surgery

How Can Capsular Contracture Surgeon Help Women Who Undergo Mammaplasty Surgery

Many women undergo mammaplasty operations for obvious reasons. Most people refer to such medical procedures as breast argumentation. However, some of these patients even complain of serious complications after such treatments. Experts refer to conditions as capsular contractures. Prominent doctors say regardless of how proficient the surgeon examining them is, such issues can arise. This is because at the end of the day it is a surgery. Like similar operations, it has certain inherent which patients need to be aware of. Moreover, the recovery process in every human being is different. The scars in some people tend to heal faster than others.

Why do women need to consult a proficient capsular contracture surgeon?

Prominent cosmetic surgeons say capsular contracture is a common complication of breast argumentation surgeries.  They state recent technological advances in this field have significantly reduced its occurrence. However, 5% of all patients who undergo such operations do end up suffering from this condition. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to prevent or detect beforehand. The symptoms generally appear within a couple of months of treatment. If a woman who suffers from this side-effect doesn’t have too many options. It is prudent on her part to undergo a reverse surgery under the recommendation of her doctor. This operation is necessary to replace the old breast implant with a new one. In such a situation, she needs to consult a proficient capsular contracture surgeon.

Possible causes of this condition

Such expert generally looks into reasons why the breast implants in the patient’s body suddenly stiffen. There could be many possible reasons for this occurrence. Women need to remember that the human body has its own unique defense mechanism. It immediately detects and reacts to foreign bodies such as silicone breast implants.  The formation of scar tissues around such prosthetic devices is a part of the natural healing process.

Moreover, this results in the formation of a barrier which prevents it from slipping out of place. Doctors generally consider this to be a good sign. Unfortunately, in some individuals, the scars around the implant become exceptional hard over time. This is the reason why they experience severe pain in the region of their breasts. It can also cause aesthetic problems later on.

Preventive Measures

Medical professionals explain that it not possible to prevent the occurrence of capsular contracture. However, there are ways where surgeons can lower the risk of patients suffering from this complication. Women who opt for breast argumentation surgeries should quit smoking immediately. They should also go for regular checkups to ensure they don’t have hematomas. This can affect their body’s natural healing process. The surgeon they choose to conduct the operation should ensure the implant is of the proper size. These individuals should also opt for the textured gel variety as such products are less toxic than silicone ones.

Generally, most mammaplasty operations are safe. Women who opt for such operations tend to be happy with the results. However, some of them may end up suffering from serious complications. In such cases, they experience severe pain in the region of their breast. It is in their best interests to consult a proficient capsular contracture surgeon. Only such an expert can cure them of the discomfort.

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