How to feed CBD to your pets – 5 best CBD treat flavors in the market

How to feed CBD to your pets - 5 best CBD treat flavors in the market

I’m pretty sure that you have heard of the numerous benefits that CBD oil has for your dogs. However, you may have a problem. Your dogs do not react well to new scents and may resist taking the oil. Well, even dogs can be sensitive to new substances in a similar way humans are. You do not have to worry for we’ve got you covered with some tricks to ensure that your dog gets the nutritional value they deserve. We will also recommend to you the best CBD treat flavors.

Tricks to use when administering CBD for dogs.

  1. Drop the oil directly into the dog’s mouth

This is by far the easiest method for giving your dog CBD oil. In many cases, CBD is measured using the number of drops that can be drawn from a container. You, therefore, cannot go wrong with the dosage when you utilize this method. The way to do this is to take the correct amount of oil using the dropper and squeeze it in the dog’s mouth. You should place the dropper near the back of the mouth to allow the dog to swallow, but avoid dropping the oil directly to your dog’s throat to avoid choking it. If your dog can allow this, it’s the best method. Ensure that you treat your dog to its favorite treat after this process to establish a positive reinforcement after the process (you don’t want your dog to hate the oil).

  1. Mix the oil with tasty substance

An interesting way of giving your dog the oil is mixing it with a tasty substance, preferably peanut butter. This is meant to hide the taste of the oil from the dog. Mix the correct dosage with peanut butter and then you can administer the mixture directly into the dog’s mouth or mix it up with its favorite treat. The dog will probably gobble up the substance without realizing that it consumed the oil.

  1. Mix it with food

You can mix the correct dosage of CBD oil with your dog’s food to get them to take in the supplement. This is one of the best ways to administer the oil to your dog. The dog will feed on the food as usual and will get nutritional value from the additive. It is advisable to start with a small dosage in the food, so as not to affect the total taste of the food. Then work your way upwards increasing the dosage steadily for maximum effect.

  1. Cover one side of a treat with the oil

An alternative method of giving your dog the oil is pouring the correct dosage of the CBD oi on one side of a treat that your dog loves. You can then turn the treat so that the dog will not immediately get the scent of a new substance. By the time the dog realizes that it has taken in a new substance, it will have eaten the treat and taken in the necessary oil and gotten used to the new taste.

  1. Place CBD drops on a favorite irresistible treat

Your dog has a favorite treat that it cannot resists given any circumstance. This is a treat that if you add the CBD oil, you will not have to turn it because the dog loves the treat. This method works well for small dogs that do not consume a large dosage of CBD oil. This is because large dosages may mess up the whole treat and you don’t want that. Medi pets give you the best ways to administer CBD for dogs. Why don’t you write to us and comment on other ways to give CBD to dogs? Remember to study your dog and see how it best likes its supplements for all dogs are unique.

5 best CBD treats

Here are five best CBD treats according to Medipet and users who have used the products:

  1. Meaty Steak Treats

MediPets CBD treats best seller is the Mediopets CBD Dog Meaty Steak Treat which features 5.5 mg of CBD per treat. The treats are flavored with real beef and as you are aware, dogs love meat. They are a great treat for a nervous dog. If you have a dog that constantly bites its paws when nervous, this is the treat for them.

  1. Cheese wraps

The second on our list of treats is the Medipets CDB Dog Treats Cheese wraps. The treats contain 3 mg of CBD oil per treat blended with a flavor of the cheese. They have a magical relaxing effect on anxious dogs making them extremely calm after taking them. That is why they are among our best treats.

  1. Kabobs

This treat is flavored with real beef and chicken and will surely be loved by your dog. They give the taste of traditional treats to your dog and add the required supplements for its health. They contain 4mg of CBD in every treat and are loved even by the most sensitive dogs. Our customers have credited them to ending seizures in dogs when administered one to two times a day. Remember to always consult your vet for such medical issues

  1. Turkey, Peas & BlueberryJerky

The treats are flavored with real turkey and contain natural CBD oil. They contain 5mg of CBD per treat and are rich in flavors that will make your dog happy. They serve as a good reward for your lovely puppy and they help it to relax in anxious situations. Julie uses the treat to calm down her puppy during storms. We are certain that this is a treat that your dog should try.

  1. Wavy Bacon and Cheese Bites

Here is a treat with a great blend of bacon and cheese that makes it irresistible for your dogs. The Medipets Wavy Bacon and cheese bites treats contain 10mg of CBD oil per treat which is sufficient for your pup. Your dog will love the great taste and experience the benefits of CBD oil.

Start off your dog to a healthy treat with MediPets CBD bestseller today.

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