Lose weight by burning calories

Lose weight by burning calories

1 – The background sky

And yes, we do not say it enough but the background sky is a great way to lose calories. Indeed, an hour of sky background can lose between 500 and 1200 calories depending on the intensity you put and the terrain on which you practice (climbs, descents, etc …). However, this sport is rather advisable for those who have a good physical condition. For beginners and others, it’s better to turn to a coach for advice and go slowly, at your own pace.

2 – Cycling

Cycling is also a great sport for losing weight by burning calories. Indeed in one hour of cycling you can lose between 570 and 850 calories. In addition, this sport is accessible to all, except for those who have problems in the joints. Moreover, there is no imposed rhythm, you can choose while listening to you.

3 – Running

Be careful, do not confuse jogging and running. Running is more tiring and can lose up to 850 calories on average. It is not recommended for people with joint or heart problems. It should be known that the first sessions can be quite trying, the time to make you find a rhythm. However, running quickly can be a pleasure.

If you’re interested, here’s an article on the difference between running and jogging: https://www.datasport.com/fr/Pour-les-sportifs/Zurich-2014/Jogging-or-course-to- pied.htm

4 – The skipping rope

Very simple to make and that requires little investment (a skipping rope and shoes adapted to the sport). You do not need to buy more equipment or get an indoor subscription. The practice of skipping rope can cause you to lose between 500 and 800 calories an hour later if you go slowly or quickly. The goal is to keep as long as possible, all the same. Not advisable, always, to people with problems of joints, cardiac and back, since the shock of the jump can hurt your bones if you are fragile at this level there.

5 – The rower

Often available in the gym, the rower is a great machine for burning calories. You can lose between 200 and 800 calories. This difference is explained by the variation of the rhythm that you wish to take (slow, moderate, fast or very fast). Because of its high demand for physical effort, it is not recommended for people with heart problems, the same in case of knee or shoulder problems because these joints are much mobilized for practice.

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