Make up acne skin

Make up acne skin

In France, it is estimated that 5 million people are affected by acne . While most are young, one acne out of four is over 25 years old and is known as adult acne . But, no matter how old you are, acne complicates makeup a lot and raises many questions: should you really make up your skin in case of acne ? which products to use? In this article, Tips-Practical answers your questions for makeup acne skin .

Acne skin is characterized by excess sebum , excessive shine, red inflammatory pimples and more or less black spots depending on the severity of the problem. Whether in adolescence or later, in adulthood, acne skin is largely due to hormonal disturbances and stress. Faced with this, difficult to find the best method to make up his acne skin . Moreover, when we know that makeup can clog pores and promote the appearance of pimples, we can wonder if it really makeup acne skin?

Do we have to make up acne skin?

For most women today, going out without makeup has become unthinkable. On this subject, we invite you to consult our article which teaches you to be beautiful without makeup . Indeed, it does not only positive effects on the skin especially if you suffer from acne. One of the big problems with makeup is that it clogs pores and suffocates the skin. Result: acne breakouts and the appearance of unwanted blackheads. If you have acne skin and makeup, you must have already noticed … The make-up retouches during the day are also unhygienic and promotes the proliferation of bacteria.

Faced with this finding, should we then make up acne skin? The answer is yes ! Fortunately, today there are cosmetic products suitable for oily skin that do not clog pores, are non-comedogenic and offer a more natural composition.

How to make up acne skin?

To make up an acne skin goes first and foremost by the choice of cosmetics. In previous articles, we gave you tips on makeup acne scars or 5 makeup tips for camouflaging acne . The idea here is to use the lightest beauty products possible to let the skin breathe .

The foundation and liquid oil-free complexion bases will be most suitable for your acne skin condition not to put 3 layers! If your buttons are spaced and do not affect your entire face, you can opt for a concealer to apply only on small buttons. Finally, avoid mattifying powders that, even if they limit the shine of oily skin, clog the pores.

If the make-up stage must be carried out carefully, it is not the only one because that of make-up removal is just as important for acne skin! A bad make-up removal in the evening automatically causes breakouts of pimples because acne skin requires excellent hygiene and thorough cleaning. Again, choose products that are suitable for problem skin: preferably micellar water or a cleansing foam rather than cleansing milk or oil. To reiterate every night, without exception!

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