PowerfulParenting Guide to Toddler Foot Care

PowerfulParenting Guide to Toddler Foot Care

Toddlers are different in many ways. Some are hyperactive, some are not. Some eat like a hungry lion while others are picky eaters. Some days they like soaking themselves in a bath but there are days when bathing will only take less than a minute. For these reasons, it’s important for parents to be there and attend to their varying needs.

The feet are as important as the rest parts of the body. If you keep your toddler’s eyes, ears, and teeth healthy and so you must take care of the feet as well. But sad to say, many people neglect the feet when attending to the toddler’s physical body parts – that’s according to Doctor Elizabeth Kurtz, a license podiatric physician. She also added that the feet must be properly attended early on to prevent serious feet problems in the future. Well, if worse comes to worst, there should be a Foot Clinic nearby to help you out. If not, then it is good to find the best professional foot service on the web.

Foot Care for Toddlers

Keep it Clean

Wash your toddler’s feet with mild soap and dry it with a soft foot towel. Make sure to do it during bathing and before bedtime. It isn’t unusual for toddler’s to feel the earth with their bare feet. Don’t be a “no-no” parent for this experience is beneficial to every child’s development. It’s perfectly fine as long as you wash it properly afterwards.

Moisture is the Key

Cracked skin happens not only to adults but kids as well. It may be due to a wide array of reasons like cold weather and long-term use of skin drying soap. But whatever the causes are, applying a kid-safe moisturizing cream or lotion should suffice. Nonetheless, make sure not to include between the toes because it may not dry quickly leading to more problems.

Ensure Footwear Fits Well

Ill-fitting shoes can damage the integrity of the skin on the feet especially to highly active toddlers. But the problem is, many toddlers don’t say anything about their hurting foot until it gets blisters. As a parent, you have to check if the shoe that your toddler is wearing still fits perfectly to prevent serious problems.

Not Too Short Toenails

Long toenails can harbor bacteria as it can cause injury. While it must be cut short, you have to be careful not cut it too short and get your kid wounded on the process.

Hydrate and Proper Nutrition

Dehydration can lead to dry and cracked feet among other many unfavorable conditions. Hence, encourage your toddler to drink adequate amount of water every day for overall health benefits.

Vitamin deficiency is one culprit of unhealthy feet too. Give your toddler food that are rich in Vitamin A to keep skin health integrity and Calcium for strong muscles and bones of the feet.

Advanced Foot Problem Care

When your toddler’s foot problems are too difficult for you to care and handle, there’s no best solution you can do than to find a Foot Clinic catering professional foot services. The best podiatrist in Melbourne and other areas can address different kinds of issues like toe deformities, ingrown toenails, severe fungal infection, fracture, and many more. These centers will have scientifically-based foot treatment options that are appropriate for your kid’s age.

Quick Point

Neglecting the feet is never an option to toddler care. As a parent, you should help your kid execute the basic foot care regularly. If it’s beyond your capacity to do it, then don’t be anxious and seek the services of a highly-trained podiatrist in a reputable Foot Clinic as soon as possible.

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