Slimming tip: 5 plants to lose weight

Slimming tip: 5 plants to lose weight

To lose extra pounds, some are willing to spend money on miracle treatments, creams and pills that do not work or work badly. Some do not arriveLosing weight despite all their efforts. This is enough to discourage the most courageous, I am aware. Here is a small list of 5 plants that can make you lose weight.

1 – Green tea

It is well known, green tea is a plant prioritized infusion when trying to lose weight. Thanks to its diuretic properties, it allows you to evacuate more easily in addition to focusing on the superfluous fat of your body. Do not hesitate to drink it every day!

2 – The dandelion

Dandelion, like green tea, is diuretic. It allows you to digest fats more easily and allows the body to release more easily of toxins that it tends to accumulate. In addition to these benefits, dandelion is used to regulate the blood sugar level in the body.

3 – The maté

Mate is a plant that is very rich in caffeine. It allows your body to act more easily on fats, fats and sugar. The mate is mainly consumed in infusion, in the form of tea, in a cup of hot water, to combine relaxation and slimming tip.

4 – The guarana

Guarana is a plant that, like mate, contains a large amount of caffeine. Its action helps stimulate the body and thus allow it to better digest the fat, sometimes very tenacious despite our best efforts.

5 – The queen-of-the-meadows

The queen-of-the-meadow is a slimming seed that acts directly on cellulite and thus reduces it, thanks to its high content of potassium salts. It also has a diuretic action that eliminates water more easily, thus avoiding retention. It is a plant often recommended when you start a slimming diet

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