Take care of your feet during the summer

Take care of your feet during the summer

The summer months, the high temperatures, the humid environments and the exposures to the sun are not ideal situations for our feet. But rest assured: with a minimum of precautions, good hygiene and some useful gestures, you can easily take care of your feet all summer long ! Tips-Practices gives you some valuable tips to achieve this …

The feet are one of the most sought after areas of the body. Reason why they need daily care, especially in summer. Unfortunately, feet are often put aside during holidays … In this article, Tips-Practical presents the main actions to take care of his feet during the summer !

How to take care of your feet during the summer?

If your feet are painful in the summer, it is important to give them essential care to relieve them and keep them healthy. Just as the face or other parts of the body, the feet are fragile, need hydration and protection. But how to take care of your feet during the summer ?

  • Sunscreen , even on the feet: the feet are also entitled to UV protection! Remember to apply sunscreen generously to your feet, just as you protect the rest of your body. The feet are a very exposed area, they burn in the same way and are also subject to sunburn! If you like to walk on the beach, opt for a waterproof sunscreen and therefore resistant to water;
  • Dry your feet : especially in the summer, take the time to dry your feet after bathing. So avoid putting on your shoes directly after a shower or bath because excess moisture makes your feet more susceptible to infections and fungi. Properly dry the feet and the area between each toe with a towel to avoid these annoyances in the summer;
  • Go for airy and comfortable shoes : All summer shoes are not suitable for our feet. The famous flip flops should not leave the space for which they were designed: the beach and the pool. In the same idea, make sure to choose shoes that do not cause friction, especially in summer when you do not wear socks;
  • Do not forget hydration : last tip to take care of your feet in summer: moisturize them! Devoid of sebaceous glands, the skin of the feet is prone to dryness and can only be hydrated with nourishing care. Opt for a rich but non-greasy cream that will generate the skin and deeply hydrate the heels. To learn more, you can read our article on the best tips for ” Hydrate dry and damaged heels

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