Take care of your skin in case of eczema

Take care of your skin in case of eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that affects approximately 10% of the adult population . Dry skin, redness, itching … are all symptoms that characterize eczema and many genes for those who suffer. In this article, Tips-Practical gives you useful and effective tips to take good care of your skin in case of eczema !

Before looking for solutions to take care of your skin in case of eczema , it is important to understand the origins. Indeed, there are several types of eczema, different by their mode of development and their triggers. By determining the cause of your eczema, you will be able to adopt truly tailored solutions that will allow you to meet the needs of your skin .

What is eczema?

Although eczema frequently affects children (almost one in three children), this skin disorder also affects adults. But what is eczema ? Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory type of skin lesion, characterized by redness and peeling of the skin, usually accompanied by itching. There are usually 3 types of eczema:

  • atopic eczema : the most widespread, this type of eczema usually appears in childhood to disappear at the time of adolescence. He reacts particularly to stressful situations;
  • contact eczema : this eczema is triggered by an allergenic factor present most often in cosmetics, polyester clothing and household products;
  • seborrheic eczema : almost always affecting the scalp, this type of eczema is favored by stress. It is characterized by red patches accompanied by scales.

Now that you know the main types of eczema, you can identify your own to take better care of your skin .

How to take care of your skin in case of eczema?

Like acne, eczema can continue after adolescence and affect adults throughout their lives. But what are the most effective solutions to relieve and cure eczema for good?

  • Dietary supplements : zinc, fish oil, evening primrose oil or vitamin E supplements will allow you to work from the inside to treat eczema. Thanks to their regenerating fatty acid content, these dietary supplements relieve itching and inflammation while combating dryness of the skin;
  • Essential oils : for optimal effectiveness on eczema, it is interesting to mix several essential oils healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing. We advise you to mix 15 drops of essential oil of palmarosa, 15 drops of Roman chamomile and 30 drops of lavender aspic. Add thereafter 3.5 ml of vegetable oil of inophylophyllum and borage;
  • Vegetable oils : castor oil, coconut oil or vegetable oil Nigel are among the most effective oils for treating persistent eczema. Indeed, they have anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties to treat eczema.

By combining these different treatments and natural remedies for eczema , your symptoms will be quickly relieved and will eventually fade. For other tips, we also invite you to read our article to relieve irritated skin

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