The benefits and harmful effects of the sun on the skin

The benefits and harmful effects of the sun on the skin

When the summer comes, the beauty routine is with sunscreen to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays . A wise practice but that would make us believe that the sun has only harmful effects on the skin. Of course not ! In addition to being good for morale, exposure to the sun contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin. In this article, Practical-Tips dissects for you the benefits and harms of the sun on the skin !

During exposure to the sun, it has many effects on the skin . Mostly known for the harmful effects of its ultraviolet rays, the sun is nevertheless essential to have a beautiful skin . Between benefits and misdeeds, it’s hard to know what attitude to adopt in the sun. To help you see more clearly, Tips-Practical offers you to discover the beneficial effects and harmful effects of the sun on the skin .

The beneficial effects of the sun on the skin

One of the great functions of the sun on the skin is to participate in the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin . Also beneficial to the calcification of our bones, it is naturally produced by the body under the action of UVB. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to skin problems, such as acne or psoriasis, excessively oily skin … But why is vitamin D important for the skin?

Vitamin D acts primarily on the skin by regulating the excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. By controlling the body’s response to insulin, a hormone that stimulates the sebaceous glands, vitamin D thus prevents the development of acne , inflammation and pimples. Would the sun be an ally against acne? Occasional exposure can indeed improve the appearance of the skin and acne. However, some people are prone to sun acne or sun acne resulting in a severe push of pimples. As for everything, the best is to enjoy the sun without abusing it!

The harmful effects of the sun on the skin

When sun exposure is too recurrent and lasts too long, the sun can create real burns on the skin, called “sunburns” . Although most of the time they are benign, they increase the risk of developing skin cancer as they are repeated. A sunburn with blisters (second degree burns) can even leave scars on the skin and should not be taken lightly!

In addition, the sun is the main factor of skin aging and accelerates the appearance of the first wrinkles and fine lines. It can also clog the pores of the skin or dry the hair. To find out more, we invite you to read our article on how to protect your hair from the sun . But, as stated earlier, moderate exposure and use of an effective sunscreen will prevent you a lot of these unwanted effects.

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